Barbados Weed Shortage Coming!

Stock up for 4:20 Some people like Mother’s Day or Easter ...Not this girl!

For me, it’s all about 4:20 - April 20th IS my Christmas morning, and sometimes my only chance I get to celebrate freely!

Two years ago, before covid, a friend and I even took off and went to Jamaica where we ‘took awf’, if you catch my drift!

There, the process is a little more civil than it is is here with a few dispensaries scattered throughout Mo’Bay where you have the opportunity to pick your strain.

But alas, with my favorite time of year less than 2 weeks away, and me not leaving this place unless they paid me... a girl thought to herself- time to stock up for the season!

Who’s with me?

But this presents a few problems for people like me who celebrate this amazing holiday and are probably visiting from out of town.

Getting Herb in Barbados is About to be Super Fucking Hard!

  1. With MILLIONS of dollars in recent seizures and law enforcement ramping up their efforts, there is no weed coming into the country right now.

  2. Everyone is going to be rushing the suppliers early this year due to Barbados Lockdown Uncertainty.

  3. Unless you know your guy personally, pressure on the dealers will prohibit them working with strangers

While my ‘cannabis consultant’ and I have been "friends" since my BCC days, I thought I’d help our readers out who may not have friends in.... 'high' places.

While sucky-ass-management won’t let me give you guys full names or precise directions just in case the feds watching, and they’ve made me drop a bunch of disclaimers in here in an attempt to protect their interest (power to the people y’all ✊🏽), I created an unofficial list of Top places to secure your 4:20 trees in Barbados!

Disclaimer 1- this article is a creative piece. It offers a theoretical reference guide to securing marijuana in Barbados and the types of available strains on the market.

Barbados Connect, in no way, promotes or encourages the use of illicit substances.

For more on the legalities of consuming marijuana in Barbados, please check with the regulation bodies.

If, after reading, you still have questions, comments, queries, or concerns, please send us an email at and a team member will respond accordingly.

Hard Bajan and some Mauby, Please!

While this phrase may sound nice on its own, we may be a far ways off before Barbados gets to a point where the average person can legally utter these words to a shopkeeper in response to the question: What can I get for you today?

It should be noted that the current proposed marijuana legislation via The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Act, 2019 will allow license holders to handle medicinal cannabis for medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes under a Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA) licensing regime.


But, this article isn’t an article aimed at discussing the legalities of marijuana or crafted to defend a position on what my personal views are although to be clear- I’m all for it! 😁

Let’s have some fun!

Let’s pretend you wanted to secure something special for more recreational reasons and you unfortunately happened to not be in possession of any medical permissions or exemptions, Here is a list of 10 places in Barbados where you can satisfy or quench your needs:

  • Marhole

  • *Eden Lodge

  • Nelson Street

  • Rosemont

  • New Orleans

  • The Pine

  • Crab Hill

  • The Ivy

  • Six Roads

  • Deacons Farm


This list is not exhaustive. One could potentially secure herb from these general areas. Have fun!

If you or someone you know suffers from addiction, see a qualified medical health professional.

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