B.C Chef's Corner - Bakes!

If you're from the Caribbean, the following photo brings memories of happy memories of weekend mornings.

Here is the recipe!

Bakes Recipe

This bakes recipe can either be stuffed with corn beef or whatever u prefer.

( 8 bakes )

2 Cups of Flour ( All purpose /Barbadian Flour )

2 tsp of Yeast

2 tsp of Baking Powder

1 tsp of Salt

1 tbsp of Brown Sugar

Water as you go ( Add additionally as u go )

Looking at the photo, you can almost smell the sweet smell of this baked breakfast delight drag you out of bed to rhythmic reggae tunes as the top chef in your family churned them out, cooled them, and waited for their devouring.


Place all dry ingredients in your mixing bowl.

Create a little circle in the middle and add your water additionally as u go,

While doing this bring all your dough together.

Don’t make your dough too sticky, if so add flour as you go.

Now let’s start to knead the dough,

Add a little flour at a time so your dough would not stick to the surface,

Knead the dough for at least 5 -7 minutes then place into the mixing bowl and cover with a cloth to rest for 15 - 20 minutes.

Now let’s start to make our bakes

Cut your dough into how many pieces you would like but usually, this recipe makes about 8 bakes.

Then take each piece of dough and create a ball

Press down lightly in each dough ball make a dent in the middle and add your filling then use your thumb and index finger and pinch up to close the pocket.

Let’s begin to fry

Pour 1 Cup of Oil into a Frying Pan then set to medium heat.

To make sure the oil is heated, sprinkle little flour in the pan

Once it begins to bubble a little then it’s clear to add in your stuffed dough balls . Cook evenly on both sides , when done place onto A plate with Tissue .

Hope u Enjoy !!

Chef Sade Weatherhead is a 22 years old Barbadian Chef. Cooking began as one of her favorite hobbies, and then eventually materialized to a passion. As with learning to paint, cooking is an art... and like creating a beautiful portrait, you can also create your foods with a splash of sexy.

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