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Be My "Any Time"

In Barbados, Soulful is synonymous with Ch'an. Her vocals are sure to mesmerize listeners whether you're watching her live, enjoying one of her original tracks, or listening to her "Ch'an Covers". Ch'an is definitely a vibe of her own and a musical force to be reckoned with. She solidified her place in our hearts with the 2017 release of "Body" and has been taking us on an emotional journey since.

Her latest release is no different. "Anytime" gives us another intimate look into Ch'an as an artist with a playful, sensual, and confident twist. In it, she speaks about her current ideal partner, the "wasteman", as someone who can give her just what she's looking for with no strings attached. This ownership of her choices is refreshing as she doesn't pretend to be unaware of what she's getting into; rather, she relishes the call of her lover who is "a little toxic".

I sat down with the bubbly singer-songwriter to chat about her latest release, produced by Shaí Bascombe.

Leigh: This song is super relatable! What is your inspiration behind Any Time?

Ch'an: I feel like every female that's dating has had an interaction with a guy that is fully on those wasteman vibes, there is no hesitation on his part to be a wasteman! And honestly, sometimes I feel like that's a necessary experience. With this song I specifically wanted to say despite the fact that we spent a lot of time in the last couple of years bashing the wasteman, he serves a purpose. He's filling a space! And as much as we want to give those men talk, half the time we just want the good D too, so why are we pretending? Honestly, seasons are lovely. We don't always need forever, sometimes we can just have a season. So that's your inspo right there, real life.

Leigh: Recently I'm noticing a lot more rhythmic, Caribbean elements coming through in your music. Talk to me about your sound, has that been a conscious shift?

Ch'an: While I love ballads, they can communicate a whole heap of emotion that can be lost in the more rhythmic side of things, I also love to sing a rhythmic song. The shift into creating something that sounds like "Anytime" was organic. If you listen to Lost (click for her EP) it was very much a transitional piece, it felt very much like a bridge between the two. You had more powerful, pumpy stuff with the big frills, big vocals along with elements that were more earthy and more rhythmic. Anytime is just a continuation of the more rhythmic side of things. With the material that you will be hearing as we go on, you're going to get a really dope blend of both, at least that's my intention.

Leigh: Soooo... does this mean we are getting more original content soon? Another project? More Ch'an covers? What can we expect next from you?

Ch'an: Yes sis! I'm actually at the studio right now, so projects are being worked on. At the moment I'm focusing on more original content. In terms of the Ch'an cover series the second season was supposed to be the finale, but we still extended it for another season. We're just going to go with the flow when it comes to the covers but right now the focus is mainly on original content.

The aim for the rest of this year is to complete this new project in a cohesive way. I want it to speak to who we are as a people and for it to particularly tell the story of the millennial and communicating all of the "in the middleness" that we are experiencing. Being real, we are at such a funny point in our lives where we are old enough to be considered adults but so much of what we thought we would be doing we're not quite doing. It's an interesting limbo that we're in the middle of and I feel like we should have conversations about that. That's why you are gonna have "waste men" songs and then "I think I love you" songs and the "what am I doing" songs.

When I talk to my peers we have such a multifaceted experience where we have so many things to juggle, so many places where we're doing well and other places where we feel as though we've missed the mark. I hope I can do our stories justice.

Leigh: Who are some of your current influences?

Ch'an: I've been listening to a lot of Lucky Daye, Allen Stone, I started listening to Brandy as well. I've been listening to India Arie, I think she's really great at making spaces for messages, she really knows how to package them. But yea, I've been exploring the sounds and movements between those artists. I've also been listening to a lot of Miguel, and honestly, I still listen to a lot of the old times too! I just spent the past two weeks bingeing Luther Vandross for no reason. You're going to hear a lot of that in my music as well, that movement between those spaces.

Leigh: You're managed by Rip Tide Music Group. Tell me about your experience working with them and what it's like having a team and maintaining that collaborative effort between you all.

Ch'an: Rip Tide has been a Godsend in a lot of ways! If it were just me, my art would suffer immensely because I can get into whatever mood I'm in at that time and exclude other things. The team has been able to pull me out of that and keep going. You can get really one-tracked and boring if you don't have people to nudge you when you're stuck. When it comes to collaborations they have been crucial. Big up to my manager Mosi, we have been working together for 4 years and the experience has been really great and has helped me to grow a lot as a person. Body would not have been Body without Rip Tide.

Leigh: What advice would you give to younger artists who are looking at your journey but may not know all of the things you've been through to be where you are now?

Ch'an: I always tell people to focus on authenticity and also learning from other people's experiences is just as important as learning from your own experiences. I could have avoided a lot of things that I ended up in the middle of if I had observed and listened to the experiences of other people. Don't be pig-headed, there's a lot that you don't know and at the end of the day even in a business space at the end of the day you're still dealing with people. There's a lot of different kinds of people out there so keep your eyes open and your head down.

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