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Ciara Mohammed: Life Coach & Culinary Co-Ordinator

Updated: Apr 22

The soothing tone of her voice and the tranquility of her presence, are just two of the innate qualities Ciara Mohamed possesses that make her an ideal life coach. One of the positive dynamics of the global pandemic which often goes unmentioned, is the emphasis it has forced us to place on mental health. The times we have spent in quarantine and in lockdown, have indeed forced us to look deeper into our existential purpose for being on this earth.

Regardless of how insightful you are and how nuanced your perspectives on life are, we could all use a little help to make sense of the inevitable trauma and emotional pain that comes with this realm of existence. That’s where the services of a selfless, heartwarming and understanding life coach like Ciara Mohammed could be undoubtedly useful. Ciara exemplifies a holistic concept of beauty that combines a heart lead by compassion, a mind thoroughly grounded in positivity and a smile that could conciliate even the most agitated souls.

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Ciara’s awe-inspiring ability to placate her clients, isn’t coming from a proprietary place but she genuinely cares about the betterment of each and every one of them. Her compassion stems from genuineness as she had to endure the trauma of losing her childhood friend who was murdered in Barbados when she just an adolescent.

This degree of loss so early in her life, sensitized Ciara to one simple fact of life: our journey in this realm of existence is full of undesirable moments. Being the perpetual optimist that she is, Ciara believes whole heartedly that with a positive mindset we can overcome any tumultuous challenges that life may bring our way and this is the message she re-iterates to her clients.

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It’s intriguing that a woman still so young, has displayed such great vision and foresight to make her passion for helping others become her full-time occupation. The most poignant difference between life coaches and therapists; is that life coaches are all about creating a plan of action for the future, while therapists assist more in connecting the dots from childhood trauma to your present day struggles. That investment in the future of her clients and proactively moving forward justifies why Ciara’s vision and foresight is requisite for the job.

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Outside of the demands of life coaching, Ciara is currently in Barbados working at the Apsara Samudra restaurant in St. Lawrence Gap in Christ Church, Barbados. Owned by Ciara's mom Marie Kavangh, it's deemed as the premier Indian and Thai restaurant on the island. It was the restaurant that caused her family to migrate to Barbados at the tender age of 11. She works as a Marketing & Financial Co-Ordinator for the restaurant and takes tremendous pride in being able reciprocate the loving-kindness her Mom always extended to her.

She was very transparent about the fact that balancing coaching and working in the culinary industry is tedious. " It's challenging because right now I'm doing additional courses to further myself as a life coach. One of the courses I 'm doing deals heavily with managing the subconscious so when I'm finished this I'm going to be a clinically certified therapist"

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"Culinary arts and life coaching have are very similar. It's about the development and fulfillment of others. My Mother is amazing as boss ! She is so nurturing and it's amazing how she has contributed to the life of her employers. I've seen her help people grow in amazing ways. "

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