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Courtney Diana Walker : The Bikini Blogger

In the digital imprint of social media, there is no word/phrase more overused than the term ‘influencer.’ It’s a title that many love to claim but often time is there is very little talent or enterprise to substantiate the allocation of this title. An influencer is supposed to be able to cultivate revenue streams from their social media presence and if this is not the case, I’m not sure how much ‘influence’ one can truly claim to have.


In Barbados, Courtney Walker is the optimum embodiment of what a true influencer is though she is a bit apprehensive about embracing that title. “I don’t really consider myself an influencer! I feel as though I have a lot of following but I’m not an influence in the traditional sense. It’s a bit overwhelming a lot of the time because you are inviting people to have a say on you ! It’s a lot of outsider opinions and you always have to be diplomatic and censor yourself in a way that you don’t tarnish your reputation

@Malik Mings

Body glorification is common place on social media and Walker’s following are treated to a plethora of bikini pictures from her, on a weekly basis. She makes it abundantly clear that her intent is not just to flaunt her lascivious curves as a bikini blogger but instead she wants to promote the strong touristic appeal of BIM “I’m selling a island life fantasy! I’m constantly promoting my country as this utopic, beach paradise for people to come and enjoy! I go to the beach very often so I just kept taking pics then started getting jobs from companies to promote their swimwear then it snowballed from there.”


More than just being an influencer, Walker is a Serial Entrepreneur and her dance school Dance Fleur Academy is another noteworthy business venture that she has embarked on. The Bikini Blogger though, is a business venture coordinated by window.seat.travel which is owned by Walker’s older sister.

She describes window.seat.travel as “A virtual travel blog page that was birthed in the pandemic. We are trying to curate content that allows the consumer to travel from the comforts of their home, their desk, anywhere really.

The consumer is able to see countries all over the world through the eyes of either the tourist or the local, learn about the culture through said content by having weekly features! We cover carnivals and all culturally relevant events.

Eventually we hope to expand more into not just virtual tourism but also physical tourism by creating a concierge type of business in the future

@Shane Leacock

There is obviously a deeper purpose behinds Walker’s unending proclivity to purvey bikini bliss and as any true influencer should; she has created a viable revenue stream from being at her happy place – the beach! As Barbados slowly re-opens from its Covid -19 enforced lockdown, it’s an opportune time to acknowledge, that this is the type of creative entrepreneurship that will help the nation rebuild and restructure its economy.

@Malik Mings

In closing she explained that “ I write blog posts, as well as create content about not only some of my favorite beaches and sites, but also travel guides based on Barbados, exploring the hidden gems of Barbados and documenting these experiences for our audience

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