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Cupid's Corner: Jaii Bakes

All you knead in life is love!

Baking puns may not be on the rise, but the culinary sector has seen explosive growth in bakeries the past few years. The pandemic may have given the sector an unintentional assist as many individuals experimented with baking during quarantine in 2020 and some even decided to sell their baked goods for some much-needed income. Bread vans traverse communities like circuits and some local bakeries have expanded so rapidly they have been turned into internet memes and a trending topic on Twitter.

However, the culinary arts aren't always celebrated, they are often shoved from the table and met with a "You can't sit with us" glare by other more established and respected artforms whenever "The Arts" are being discussed.

However, today will be an exception.

Today we are having a round-table discussion about the artistry of baking and will feature a Barbadian business thriving amidst lockdowns and restrictions.

Get Baked!

According to an article posted on BBC.com, individuals can experience more positive emotions when they accomplish creative tasks such as writing or making music. Cooking is very similar in this regard and Nicole Farmer, who studies how food impacts our biology, behavior, and mental health at the National Institutes of Health clinical center states that:

“Cooking represents the shared human experience of food, and nurturing people through food, so I think that's where it incorporates opportunity for immediate positive emotions."

These positive emotions are in high demand lately and Joy Drayton, owner of Jaii Bakes intimately understands the power of cooking, both for herself and for her consumers.


Jaii Bakes is not just a name, it is a fitting description of what this business does. They bake banana bread, sugar cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and a wide range of cakes and pastries including cookies, brownies, turnovers, and muffins. Looking at the menu one would think there is a kitchen full of bakers kneading flour into masterpieces but in reality, it's a humble start-up owned by a very talented chef by the name of Joy Drayton.

Bringing JOY to lives

A perfectionist at heart, she takes her time to ensure that every product is perfectly delicious!

"We spend a great deal of time recipe testing so that nothing but the best leaves our kitchen. We also take great pride in ensuring that each customers' individual needs are met. A great example of this is our sweet breads! Some customers want raisins only, some want theirs plain with coconut in the middle and others prefer theirs with raisins, cherries and coconut in the middle and we make sure each one is to the particular customer's specifications!"

This customer-driven approach along with her affordable prices has kept her booked and busy throughout these uncertain times. Not surprisingly, one of her most-requested products is her banana bread along with coconut turnovers, cheesecake cupcakes, and even pizza. As delicious as these items are, they're also high in calories and sugar which has prompted the business to offer sugar-free products as a healthier alternative.

Joy has turned what she loved doing into a sustainable business and stated her first major accomplishment was being able to purchase her company's equipment using only company funds.

This is something many creative entrepreneurs struggle with as most of them have "regular jobs" and use their salary to fund their passion projects. Joy is hoping to expand her passion project Jaii Bakes into a larger bakery with a wider customer base and an even more diverse menu.

Jaii Bakes can be found on Instagram @jaii_bakes and are opened on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, special orders are accepted for any day of the week but must be placed a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

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