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Cupid's Corner: March Madness

Updated: Apr 4

Damaged wings train you to fly better than the healed ones.

Time has been flying by, soaring past our couch-glued bodies in this pandemic. It's been a full year now since the madness of COVID-19 started in March 2020, and a year later we have been trained to sanitize, wear a mask, and social-distance. Our lives became an unwilling draft to a team where everyone's role is vital but not always fulfilled.

Lately, we haven't been fulfilled.

Despite that, we still play. We strap on our satin helmets to protect those curls from the unrelenting zoom calls. We stretch elastic into mouth guards to block incoming "golf balls". We know a good defense doesn't all gather in one place.

We play the game, all the while hoping that the whistle would blow.

The Game

The University of Surrey published a study in its journal Psychiatry Research where they examined over 250 young adults in 2019 and then again in the midst of the pandemic in May 2020. They reported that levels of clinical depression had doubled within the sample population and there was an increase in irregular sleep patterns which can contribute to higher levels of anxiety.

The findings were consistent with the growing trend of younger people reporting issues with their mental health in recent years which were now exacerbated by the pandemic.

Although this study was based in the United Kingdom, these findings were echoed worldwide and heard even here in Barbados.

Since March 2020 it has been madness.

This madness led to Joe Cloudy, a videographer, dancer, and bashment soca artist penning a spoken-word piece called We Will Survive and challenging poets to join in on this message.

You can listen to the full poem here

This message was crafted nearly a year ago but is still relevant today. We have survived an intense 12 months of training. Our muscle memory has been torn and rebuilt with the "New Normal".

We have learned the rules of the game whilst watching too many elders retire.

March may have been the start of madness, but fortunately, sanity lives within us.

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