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DJ Blank: A Musical & Entrepreneurial Visionary

If you understand Bajan nightlife, you know that on the weekends 2cnd Street is undeniably the go-to entertainment hot spot. Once you hit 2cnd Street, you have a decision to make though! You’re either going to make your way into Red Door Lounge or Jamestown Bar & Griill.

These two spaces are literally across the street from each other, so the determination of which one a patron may end up in, is often decided by how fluent the DJ’s set sounds from outside the clubs.

Any night that DJ Blank is playing you are just more likely to head in that direction and last Christmas before Barbados was put on mandatory lockdown, we had the honor of hearing DJ Blank play. We were amazed by the sublime set DJ Blank treated us to, as he blended genres from all across the Caribbean to create an unforgettable vibe.

For years, Blank solidified himself as a staple on Bajan radio through his work at Slam 101. Having cemented himself as one of the most prolific DJ’s on the island, it’s no surprise that major companies like Digicel Barbados have engaged with the young icon on a ambassadorial level. DJ Blank understands that in this modern paradigm of business, it would be remiss to channel only one source of income hence why he has many other entrepreneurial ventures he embarks on outside of music.

I do think it’s important to have a strong entrepreneurial spirit especially being a creative because it goes hand in hand with business. The art and honing your craft can only carry you so far, but at the end of the day we need to understand that this is a business as well. You need to present your craft in a serious entrepreneurial way, in the capacity of a business person and not just looking at it as you being an artist.”

Though he gets a lot of praise for his incredible technical ability as a DJ, he does not get enough credit for ameliorating social gaps between the private sector and the entertainment sector of Barbados. He is one of the first creatives in Barbados to engage in micro-influencer campaigns for companies in the medical industry such as Courts Optical.

Barbados is a nation that has been highly blessed with a lot of creative talent but unfortunately many of them possess poor business ethics and have unprofessional attitudes hence why it’s refreshing to see DJ Blank embrace such a forthright entrepreneurial spirit, all while debasing the frivolous notion that creatives do not have strong business acumen.

A huge development in the entertainment space of Barbados is the emergence of Bajan Dancehall and DJ Blank is very encouraged by this phenomenon. I think that the emergence of Bajan Dancehall is great for the culture. I think it’s an opportunity for a lot of artist who would have just been singing soca music to now have a platform. They now have the opportunity to put forward their music in a style that is outside of the box because Barbados is mainly soca driven culture. It’s giving Bajan’s a new sense of pride, acknowledging that our culture now has something else to offer

In closing we asked him what his dream collaboration would be with dancehall artists across the Caribbean. He stated that : “I would like to see a combination with Skillibeng, CHiief Diin and Prince Swanny! That would be mad !”

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