Donné Haynes Likes The Octopus

Donne’ Haynes is an Artist who focuses a lot on color contrast and emotions.

Expressing her emotions in all her work has always been her aim!

She believes that art is the best way one can offload.

In her work, one can find a lot of symbolism, symbolic animals that help to push the mood together with the color contrast.

A common figure she uses is the Octopus. The octopus is an animal worshipped because of its intelligence, strength, and swiftness.

It occupies such a dominant space in her work because this animal shows power combined with emotion. The figure represents her emotions emerging out with animals swimming peacefully all around.

Lastly, the color contrast, the deep blue clashing with the pinks and purples, giving the viewer the impression that we are deep underwater or emerging out of the water.

A Peaceful feeling!

“Art washes away the dust of everyday life” I live by this quote. One day, I want to merge Art and Therapy and help other persons express themselves, be it loudly or even just with symbols.

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