Fire Up the Lighters!

BAJANISM hails himself your very own “bajanburnaboy”!

His journey started, legendarily, in Queens Park; as good a place, if any. Self-taught! he would train there in the initial stages of his artistry and has painstakingly worked on his craft for over 10 years. For years, Bajanism has had a tricking rivalry with his best friend; one that is still active to this day. This rivalry, he says has pushed him to be greater.

Being dedicated to fitness, sculpting, and molding his body has fueled his personality.

When asked what inspires him, he says "it is the idea of being phenomenal, expressing power, because with power comes change, I also intend to live a life that shows supremacy!"

This is expressed in how he performs, seemingly unafraid to take risks. His goal is not only to be a local icon but a regional and international iconic figure.

See him on November 4th at Barbados Connect presents: First Wednesdays

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