From City of Samaria to Barbados

City of Samaria is a young person who has an old soul and a soothing sound.

As a singer and songwriter, Her love... both for soft, soulful music juxtaposed with her love for Caribbean culture and dance is manifested in her artistry. A craft that was initiated in her as a young child, at the tender age of seven, her story is similar to that of the likes of many like her; started in church but she really began pursuing her dream of performing when she began Secondary school.

Subsequent to a major music festival in Barbados, she spent the last 4 years being featured at various events and venues around the island and has enjoyed collaborating and learning from her peers in the industry.

She hopes to spend the rest of her life fulfilling her dream, sharing her art with the world, and learning something new with each experience.

See her in November at Barbados Connect presents First Wednesdays

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