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G-Syndicate is Barbados’ premiere a capella group and only vocal band.

They have impressed audiences across their native Barbados at numerous festivals, community and corporate events. Their awe-inspiring live show always leaves audiences enthralled and asking for more.

They are inspired by leading vocal groups such as Take 6, Naturally 7 and Boyz II Men and have developed a signature sound and style by combining the different styles of the Caribbean with jazz harmony.

This allows them to give not only their original music but traditional funk, old school, 90's R&B and Top 40 songs a simultaneously unique, contemporary and Caribbean feel.


Members of the group:

Derek Marshall (1st Tenor, Guitar)

Khiomal Nurse (1st Tenor)

Brett Linton (2nd Tenor, Vocal Percussion)

Taurean Knight (2nd Tenor, Trumpet)

Antonio Edwards (Bass)

Marc Sealey(Baritone, Trombone & Harmonica)

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