Is Dating in Barbados Dead?

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Rihanna and Boyfriend A$AP pictured together!

Unless you're Rihanna, and can import your lover for a weeklong tryst, now that these new Covid-19 directives have been released, let’s talk about what really matters out here in these Single Girl Streets - DATING!

There is no question that 2020 and 2021 will go down in history as the most unfortunate dating years for hooking up and by extension, the culture. #Periodt

Do we even have to explain?

I mean, how were we supposed to have a hot girl summer if we ended up confined to our homes again? Bitch Please!

As you could possibly imagine… it’s been no better here in Barbados. In fact, some might argue it’s been worse; as we all know- the average bajan isn’t breaking stay home orders for a boy!

I mean, this is the first time ever I didn’t even kiss a stranger for New Years!

… and not to mention casually hooking up with that cute guy at the bar who caught my attention.

Before the shutdown, I linked eyes with one at 6mix and we decided to share a drink. Here’s the thing, when his beer came and he took his mask off to take a sip, let’s just say- it left a lot to be desired! 🤢

So now with parties and gatherings nowhere in sight... we’re back to the drawing board because hey, a girl has got to live!

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time on dating apps, you know, just scrolling.

Let me just say - you men need some serious help!

Let’s dive right into it:

*Your Profile Photos Suck*

If I’m looking like a whole snack and you don’t even have proper lighting... this won’t work.


  1. Trying adding a few different poses and don’t stare directly at the camera because that may not necessarily be your best angle.

  2. If you have your shirt off, please have a six pack. What are you advertising, how NOT to workout?

  3. If you only have two photos, one with just you and then one with you and your very handsome best friend, go with the one with just you… trust me!

*Don’t tell lies on your height!*

There is a slight (but IMPORTANT) difference between 5’9 and 5’10, and we ladies know the difference. If you’re that short (and most of you are), consider being honest and letting your potential match decide whether she’s open to dating someone nearer to her height.

*If you’re not funny... at least be charming *

Self explanatory.

Sometimes you come across a guy who’s corny and that’s ok.

Sometimes you come across a guy who’s a jerk and that is ok too.

But coming across a corny jerk is never going to be ok, and I think I can speak for all the ladies out there, am I right girls?

*Ask me out within one week or let’s move on!*

Let’s be real. Online dating isn’t supposed to remain online forever. Once we get to know each other to a certain extent, and we both get tested and we pass 😁 let’s go ahead and move this show along!

Restaurants are open, and so are gas stations so fill up that car and come pick me up for dinner buddy!

Still COVID wary? We can do an island drive! Basically there’s no excuses allowed.

Let’s start here! Maybe we’ll make this a series and I’ll chronicle my COVID TIMES dating experience taking you along with me for the ride!

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