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Kari Miller : The Golden Girl Of Bajan Fashion

Updated: Apr 6

"So we gotta talk about Chefette when I use to eat meat ! Back in the day my favorite thing to order would be the all -chicken roti or the chicken sandwich. Now that I don't eat meat , I'd probably have the veggie burger. To be honest Chefette can do no wrong for me"

©Shamar Marcus

Despite becoming one of the most successful fashion models out of Barbados in the last decade, Kari Miller's international success has not caused her to lose her indelible connection to Bajan culture. There is a politeness and a distinguished allure, that glows from the skin of a Bajan woman! It’s neither a surprise nor a co-incidence that a Bajan woman owns the most successful skin care brand in the world.


There is a distinct appeal that all Caribbean woman have, but when it comes to effulgent skin and natural glow, Bajan women are cream of the crop. Kari Miller is a phenomenal example of the gleam and charisma that typifies the authentic Bajan woman.

Honestly, my skin is the best when I am home! I think it’s the air, and the sunshine in Barbados.

As soon as I step off the plane, my skin immediately begins to glow. I love the fact that Bajans

have a strong appreciation for natural beauty. I’m proud that us Bajans are blessed with amazing skin and shout out to Rihanna for her success with Fenty Beauty. Her skin is..wow…GOALS!”

©Logan C Thomas

Fundamentally, Miller is a woman who places a strong emphasis on discipline and self –actualization. The most obvious evidence of this, is her commitment to fitness and wellness.

She currently trains at a pro-athletic level to maintain her physical condition and handles the

intense ‘body pressures’ of being a model, with ease. Reason being, she doesn’t do it just for the camera. In every facet of her professional and creative life, Miller abhors complacency and it’s her determination that has contributed to her sustained presence in this competitive industry.

I grew up with the people around me, thinking that you could not make it big in the industry

from Barbados. I was told to ‘think about getting a real career’ but I knew this could be a real

job and a real career.. People don’t really have a full understanding of the industry. They are

attracted to the glamour, but they don’t know the work that goes into it. I grew up in the era of

Tyra Banks and Noimi Campbell! With the big dreams I had I knew I could be THAT GIRL. I

knew that if I wanted it bad enough, I could find a way to make it possible.


Having already starred in campaigns for top clients such as American Airlines, Lipton Ice Tea South Africa, Red Tag Dubai and Urban Planet, it’s easy to see why the temptation could exist for Miller to become complacent. Miller ensures that she continues to grow in her craft, by taking model workshops to refine her skills. A multifaceted creative, Miller has already ventured in to TV hosting and also aspires to become an outstanding actress. She has enrolled in acting classes in LA and Toronto, in order to strengthen her chances in this pursuit. We believe that her high- spirited demeanor will be greatly beneficial in this facet of her career.

©Eddie Prince Jr

Miller, who is currently signed to Topco Models in South Africa has an equally impressive

runway resume as well. Miller has rocked the runway for the likes of Christian Siriano,

Jewel Shannon and Mint Swim by Draya in Miami Swimweek. Miller traverses on each runway with a high degree of confidence that is grounded in a perpetual desire to evolve, in all she does.

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