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Bob Marley said it best “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” In fact, when Kayin sings, listeners feel quite more than ‘no pain’. The first time his melodious voice resonates through your speakers the listener can do nothing but stop and listen; Kayin’s music has a way of healing your soul. Soul Healing Music. Although barely into his 20s, listening to Kayin’s music one gets the feeling that he’s been here before… or at least for a very long time. Born in Barbados one day before he was supposed to, Kayin’s mother experienced complications the day after, due to a medical error, causing a stroke which paralyzed the right side of her body. #Blessed

As a baby Kayin Jones could be described as loud and noisy, so noisy that at one point his grandmother told him that if he didn’t grow up to become a singer she would beat him. Now Kayin is pursuing his passion, and some might even say… his calling. As many young singers growing up in a religious household do, Kayin started crafting his skill and honing his voice at church and church-school. With the support of his parents who realized his passion, he began to learn music: the violin, piano, flute, steelpan, and guitar are all instruments he’s finessed in his musical development, but he decided to focus his intention on his one true love… voice.

In 2018, Kayin graduated with an Associate Degree in Music Performance from The Barbados Community College, and currently attends the University of the Southern Caribbean where he is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Music Education. His style is influenced by artists such as Luther Vandross, Whitney Huston, and Daniel Cesar and can be described as smooth and tonistically airy.

“With my music I hope to make people FEEL better even if just for a few moments, I want to let people know that even though they may feel alone… we’re all connected.”

Kayin Jones has hopes of becoming a successful international recording artist where he will be able to reach more heals and souls with his music.


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