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Lorin Warren

Investing In The Next Generation

"When I think back to primary school, it’s the teachers who were patient and attentive that stand out most to me. The influence a teacher has on a student is tremendous and that influence is taken all the way through adult life and that’s why I try my hardest to be one of those teachers who make a positive impact on children’s lives."

It’s so easy to look at Lorin Warren and be mesmerized by her faultless bronze skin, vivacious curves and the electrifying intensity of her gaze. All her outstanding physical features still measure inadequately to the caliber of woman she is within. There are a plethora of affable qualities Lorin possesses as a person, but the most outstanding one, undoubtedly, is her patience.

It’s not the type of patience that is conditional, seasonal, or contextual. It’s just deeply embedded into the microfibers of Lorin’s being, to administer long suffering and compassion to the ones who she loves, which is substantiated by her mother’s example. As an early childhood educator and youth swim coach, Lorin is perpetually invested in bettering the posterity of Barbados and the time she spends with kids in the classroom and poolside, provide her with all the resources in patience one could ever ask for.

"Students don’t always remember what they were taught but they always remember how you made them feel. I’ve experienced teachers who released their personal frustrations on their students and it creates an environment that’s very hard to learn in so I’ve always tried my best to separate my personal life from my work life and to give the children 100%. You also have to love what you’re doing in order to have patience when things get difficult."

Having recently concluded an island wide lockdown due to COVID -19 where schools in Barbados had to be closed. Lorin’s patience was tested tremendously while attempting to conduct online classes at the St. Gabriel’s School in St. Micheal. The strength of her character as an educator, is the enigmatic balance between her conciliating yet commanding presence.

"Online teaching has been very trying for everyone, but especially the young ones who learn best through socialization. So I’d say the hardest part is seeing them stuck behind a screen desperate to be back in physical school to play and learn with their friends. Also, finding ways to keep them engaged for 11 weeks online was quite challenging to say the least! It’s been very mentally exhausting for teachers and it can be tough to find that motivation to keep going."

Standing at 5’10, Lorin’s presence alone commands respect from her children in the classroom. Having to command a class of young children online has a very impersonal element to it and though it was challenging, Lorin still found a way to direct her unfailing warmth towards the kids, even in an online setting.

Though patient, Lorin is extremely principled! The premium she placed on personal development, from when she was a student enables her to set a proper example for the youth she interacts with today! An astounding visual artist, dancer, swimmer and fashion model are all titles which encapsulate the dynamism and roundedness of Lorin’s upbringing. The discipline and mental fortitude she derived from having such a rounded upbringing, are qualities which she seeks to inculcate into the minds of the next generation of Bajan youth.

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