Monet Mondays : Mo' Advice

This week I reached out to my followers on Instagram to see what they needed advice on, here are the responses and my take on how to help.

“How to forgive someone who’s hurt me, as well as myself.”

Big One honestly! I think this is so important.

Generally speaking - I think if someone hurts you, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically stop liking them… that’s something we have very little control over.

What we should take accountability for is how we set and maintain our boundaries as it offers protection to ourselves for falling into destructive patterns and it gauges how much the other party can respect them once in place.

When it comes to forgiving yourself, it’s about being very honest in where you feel you’ve betrayed yourself. `

You’re only human, and either due to a lack of practice or awareness we can fall short advocating for ourselves or taking good opportunities when they arise.

Start with the small things, show yourself the same love you may yearn to show someone worthy.

“How to use my ‘inside face’. I have none.”

This one is a funny response from my viewers by a multi-talented friend NEC! Barbados Connects Fabulous Fashion Co-ordinator. He models, curates photoshoots and provides training and development for budding models in his classes.

Now I know for a fact you come to slay. Even if I knew how the method probably wouldn’t work for you!

“A tutorial of 'how not to not care'.”

Step 1: Visualise

Gather all your most worrisome cares into a big ball and prepare to let them float away like a hot air balloon.

Step 2: Actualise

Acknowledge them and address what can be addressed any creating tasks or having those difficult conversations.

Step 3:Galvanise

Release everything which can’t be changed and doesn’t serve you! Know that the good work you put into yourself you’ll get back.

“Getting the creative juice flowing again."

This one is really personal, for example, I’m really attached to my surroundings.

Before I can get into anything creative, my space must be pleasing to me.

Tidying up and organising my thoughts is a great warm up.

Stimulating my other senses with essential oils, good lighting, music and a comfortable seating all add up to a great session for me.

As for developing ideas I already have, I focus on the narrative of the project and how it connects to my true purpose.

Which parts of my story are yet to be expressed? Which petals remain unfurled? Start there and let the mind wander and play.

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Monet Mondays: Mo' Advice!

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