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Updated: Mar 9

The number one app that piqued our interest this year has GOT to be Clubhouse. Let me give you a quick overview.

Developed by Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth in April 2020, by January 2021… it recently reached a valuation of $1 billion dollars.

An app which boasts 10 million users, with a simple objective of allowing spaces for constructive conversation. Person to Person and audio-only. Hosting room sizes from a pair to a group of 100 of people all over the world!

Clubhouse received even more buzz due to the exclusive nature of the invite-only joining process and a plethora of celebrities active in the earlier stages of the app.

Now the Bajan Perspective...

Barbados is absolutely filled to the brim with talented, sharp-minded creatives. The pitfall of a sea-locked location is an inaccessibility that is manifested physically and technologically.

From the pressure of exorbitant custom tax places on creative entrepreneurs, social media branding, the specifics of navigating the very large overlap between your art and your art business.

I've been able to take part in fun rooms and serious discussions about the latest technology, celebrity, law, health and music all within the same hour.

Photographed; Designer Jewellery brand 'CulturedByZhané' piece.

This week, I attended a monumental first for Barbados!

An amazing collective of creatives held an open forum called 'FRWD' for their industry peers to relay their opinions straight to the special guest - the Minister of Culture and National Development, Hon. John King.

The first of its kind, introductory session lauded spirited input from Hypasounds, Christian Gibbs, Red Dawg and Shantal Martin among many other notable creatives in Barbados and the Bajan Diaspora.

This forum touched on the intricacies of the 'Orange Economy'.

With a in-depth focus on the benefits of improving avenues in 'exporting creative goods and services'.

Orange Economy: The IDB defined it in 2013 as “the set of activities that in an interlocking way allow for ideas to be transformed into cultural goods and services.” 2 It is that sector of the economy that has “talent and creativity as leading inputs.”


The call kicked off promptly at 3:30pm and lasted 3 hours.

*Due to technical difficulties on my end, I was privy to the beginning and last 30 mins* Passionate points were met by the understanding of fellow creative Hon. John King. He assured us that his ear would always be open and gave us the appropriate contact to reach him by if we had any questions or suggestions inspired by the evening.

Truly a great experience to witness such transparent and direct communications from our MPs. Something which Barbados government should be extremely proud of, especially during the pandemic.

My takeaway from these creative discussions is usually very similar and that evening only reinforced what my initial views were.

How can we effect positive change in a future where we're faced with over-saturation and underfunding? It's truly coming to terms with the fact that there is extraordinary power in community.

Xavier John-Clair & Joaquim at Barbados Night Bazaar

On an island where the common perception is that everyone knows everyone, it is networking forums like clubhouse ALONGSIDE direct communication about legislation that will mechanise that into a superpower!

A really wonderful initiative from 'FRWD' and an approach that I hope to see (specifically) more political persons adopt. By speaking directly to their constituents they begin to bridge the gap between the public and the changes we need to thrive.

Thanks for taking the time to read my 2nd 'Monet Mondays' feature!

Next Clubhouse subtopic, I'll go into some of my favorite contributors on the app.

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