Monet Mondays: Melodies!

I’d like to dedicate my first feature to brighten up your Monday with Monet’s Melodies.

I created a Bajan soundtrack to our weeks.

Give it a shot and support our amazing local artists with large-off international energy.

Then tell me these songs aren’t quintessentially paired to their day!

* Every Monday I’ll be curating my Top Picks from my favorite Topics and dropping them right here on Barbados Connect

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MONDAY - Married to the Money - Shaiii Bascombe

Motivate yourself with this aspirational bop!

This track has the perfect balance of light tones, earthy rap vocals, and go-getting lyrics to get you dancing to the computer desk.

Shaiii Bascombe released ‘Married to The Money‘ in his latest album ‘Naomi’ DELUXE.

TUESDAY - Trouble - RoRo

Push through with the dancehall bass and dulcet voice of RoRo on her track ‘Trouble’. She sings about the power of her composure and ability to transform to meet all situations. A grand message about not compromising who you are despite societal pressure... compressed into some of the catchiest bars you’d think imaginable.

Perfect to shake off any bad vibes in time for those important Zoom calls, RoRo released ‘Trouble‘ in her latest album ‘Mood Forever’.

WEDNESDAY - 23 - Myles Gittens

Transcend ‘The Hump Day’ with the atmospheric track ’23’ by Myles Gittens.

The melancholic strings, cheerful flute with the progressive synths make for perfect listening to invigorate your mind and face the rest of the week with a smile. Look out for the meditative monologue at the end. ’23’ was released in the album ‘Acid Jazz’, Myles Gittens latest collection.

THURSDAY - I Could Be - Ashlee Cain

I recall Thursdays would be the coolest day at school, something about being so close to Friday and far from Monday. The passage of time felt the most natural…

‘I Could Be’ encompasses and reclaims that nostalgic ‘cool’ vibe.

High-level production accentuates the electronic beat pattern, melded with the songstresses vying vocal offering.

Fresh off the press. Released February 25th.

FRIDAY - No Replies - Teff Hinkson ft Haleek Maul

A (socially-distanced) crowd favourite! Lately, nothing feels more Friday than driving down ABC Highway, hearing this on the radio. With in-person communication at an all-time low, something about this lyrical cautionary tale hits different.

A state-of-the-art pairing of artistes between Teff Hinkson and Haleek Maul.

The latter providing a powerful verse and electrifying harmonies. Ultimately transforming the energy into a pure sonic collaboration.

With the weekend and a curfew approaching, listen to this to get out your feelings and get in your bag.

Featured on Teff Hinkson’s latest album ‘Get Up Good’.

SATURDAY - Sunflower - Lagoon Wavey

In my opinion, Saturdays are for sea baths and self-care. So I simply must dedicate it to Lagoon Wavey’s latest track ‘Sunflower’.

Decompress and submerge yourself within the pelagic, calming R&B guitar of Kiru, while Lagoon’s voice metabolizes your stress.

He invites us to a vulnerable side of himself and in turn, allows space for the vulnerability within.

SUNDAY - Heaven - Kris Irie

Produced by the eclectic, Grammy-nominated Chopstix.

Not only does ‘Heaven’ have the perfect name to have the lord’s day dedicated to it, but the bubbly excitement of the tropical beat and matching vocals take you to an astronomically high vibration. A heavenly track about making *that* move.

So initiate your plans! Create that content!

Most importantly, never forget the power of music - let it power you like the Sun!

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Hope to see you soon.

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