Monet Mondays : Poetry Presentation '2020 The Year of Surrender'

Updated: Mar 22

Video Presentation @monet.sun

This week I want to let you in abit farther...

I am a poet and I get shy recording myself but I’m honoured to show you my new poem about... surrendering to 2020, myself and my passions.

View my video recital here.

Last year I surrendered.

I surrendered to the March of the drum of life

It was in March - we all did.

Surrendered to my loneliness, it was always there but-

As someone who’s moved over 20 times at 22 years old, Social distance was no new concept.

I surrendered to anonymity, obscurity.

For some of us were ripe for the light and the likes...

I... like many, had to retreat... three steps forward. One step back...

Into the white wash of my bedroom walls.

A close beach closed off.

A beached whale, even a year later... pondering the length and breadth of a cool world.

And so I surrendered again.

No longer listless I listed the ways I could love myself better.

There’s no time wasted in changing.

The coils of my hair under the water, they surrendered to the stream and loosened their grip on each other.

Naturally, I hope I would not lose my grip on myself.

From the way my follicles dry, I knew I had directions I must follow.

Now down and down the path of less resistance and smooth skin.

The blessed monotony of waking up, making up and execution.

Head rolls and arms stretched to the heavens.

Blessed breaths, fingers wiggled to tickle God and my laptop keys.

I surrendered to the desires I had to appease that in the old world I could ignore, silence and subjugate with ease.

They made their selves known in the quiet quarantine.

So I sew, I drew, smoked, wrote and videoed

And in record time, I knew...

What had been.

What will be.

What has always been


which way to go.

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