The Science and Art of Shane's Mixology

Considered a Caribbean culinary expert, Shane McClean brings his signature flair and artistry to the crafted cocktail.

This award-winning mixologist has reached international status having traveled to 4 continents and 13 countries to represent his country in his role as a culinary ambassador, where he demonstrates why Barbados continues to be the epicurean capital of the Caribbean.

Along with being the 2018 Barbados Bartender of the Year, he has placed third in the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge Regionals. Appearances have been made in digital magazines which include Flaviar from New York as well as Illuxus from Argentina.

Having trained at the number 2 bar in the world top 500 The American Bar at The Savoy, he has further improved himself and his passion for the cocktail. The honor of being named a panelist at The Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans confirms he is very knowledgeable.

His extensive understanding of Barbadian and international liquor brands and liqueurs along with his ability to develop his own tropical syrups is fundamental to Shane’s ability to create awe-inspiring elixirs, classic mixes and new flavor profiles…an experience for the palate. This has become the foundation for Pairing Food and Cocktails which he displays at The Barbados Food and Rum Festival where he is a featured mixologist.

While in Barbados, he can be spotted at Pavao Restaurant at Sweetfield manor where he is the Resident Mixologist.

The award-winning mixologist believes, his job is, “to serve an experience”.

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