The Feels for Fields

Kazaron “H.G.” Fields is a fine artist and illustrator from Barbados.

Most of his works are produced digitally or “tradigitally” i.e. the synthesis of both traditional (pen and ink drawing/washing) and digital art mediums (digital painting, photocollage/photomanipulation).

His work largely tends to look at socio-political issues such as the war on drugs, racism, inequality, and environmentalism. When he is not working on such heavy subject matter, he likes to create art that explores the realms of; the human psyche, altered states of consciousness, counterculture, and psychedelia through Surrealism, Absurdism, and Pop Art Collage. Some of it allegorical and others right on the nose.

He has enjoyed a handful of group exhibitions overseas since finishing art school with his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at Central Saint Martins, London 2011.

And finally had his first solo exhibition ‘It’s Like A Movie but In Real Life,’ at the end of summer 2019 which was met with a positive reception.


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