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Cupid’s Corner – Is love a place or the journey?

What do you love?

For some, it is the warm embrace of coffee in the morning, while for others, it is the rapid pumping of a song from your favorite genre as you struggle to get your footing at an iconic Bajan party cruise. Whether you’re a gym rat or a night owl, there is something you absolutely love and just cannot get enough of! Cupid’s Corner is the place where you can share that thing with the world and connect with others who might also share those same interests.

Welcome to Cupid’s Corner!

Cupid’s Corner is a weekly column published every Sunday where we will be highlighting all of the things Barbadians truly love and adore. Maybe it’s your full-time business or maybe it’s still a hobby, whatever it is, we want to know where cupid’s arrow struck!

A Place of Love

If there is one thing that unites us as a people and as a culture it is food!

Food and maybe rum, definitely rum, but most Bajans would agree that they miss the days of dining out or indulging in a cheat day or two, sometimes even three.

Cupid's cheat days are usually facilitated by the heavenly flavors of Z's Brownies.

Don't be fooled by the name, this culinary start-up has a wide range of cupcakes, cheesecakes, and even the occasional pretzel.

See them on Instagram at @zsbrownies

Food may nourish your body but what about your mind and soul? We all know music is a powerful tool used in meditation, work-outs, and even to set the mood for romantic encounters but have you ever experienced Barbadian poetry? Nothing is more healing than the poetic offerings of Metallic.Words on her debut project HER-ricane .

This project is truly a whirlwind of experimental sounds swirling in the listener's ear. It'll violently toss you in an emotional corner and then caress you gently with soft vocals and melodic delivery.

Track No. 3 Girl Speak Lightning

"If you paid your children the same attention

You did to your likes and mentions

You'd realize our future ain't nothing

But a prison sentence."

How could you not love lyrics like that?

You can listen to her album here.


No, not the nude cherub who clearly needs archery lessons, we are not speaking about that cupid.

The cupid we are talking about here is Akeem StonedwithCupid Chandler-Prescod who is an award-winning poet, photographer, and creative director from Barbados.

Now that you have heard what I love, it's time for us to hear what you love! Every Sunday I will be shining a spotlight on someone who lives their passion and has unapologetically shown the world some of their passions.

If you know someone who should be featured on Cupid's Corner, Let's Connect!

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