• Akeem Chandler

Winning Women: A woman's worth

In every fight, there is a winner and a loser, but in the fight for equality... Who loses?

If we loosely define equality in a societal context it is fair access and treatment for all people; a level playing field, free of bias and unfair advantages. Therefore, the "fight" for equal rights and the "fight" for equality is not much of a fight at all but instead a revolution!

A reclamation.

A response.

A reaction from a portion of the population who feel like their socio-economic mobility has been depressed.


Oppression has birthed champions out of women and the last week has illuminated many of these warriors.

International Women's Day fell on Monday, March 8th, and social media became a podium for winning women. Poetic magic was conjured in a poem by Empress Zingha entitled 'The Cause', where she discussed the identity of being a woman.

She was not alone in deciding to create content for this day as companies and public figures swarmed platforms like Canva and Adobe Illustrator to create that perfect graphic to post in celebration of women.

In case you missed it, you can see what social media looked like on March 8th in this video!

The hashtag #choosetochallenge was pinned under hundreds of posts and has over 400,000 posts worldwide on Instagram. Women and men alike were galvanized into taking action and challenging antiquated, biased, and problematic traditions.

This discourse was best presented on twitter where many lengthy threads emerged highlighting things women face in today's society. Sadly, but not surprisingly most of these hurdles mentioned were erected by men or more specifically the behavior and attitude of some men.

Throughout my perusal of social media the last week I have seen the phrase "As A Woman" repeatedly. In the spirit of the hashtag #choosetochallenge, I challenged a few winning women I know and admire, to share their views on things they want to see as women. The following video was the result.

As a Woman...

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