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Yasmine Parris : Redesigning Motherhood & Serial Entrepreneurship

When Yasmine Parris took to social media late last year to announce her pregnancy, the news spread like wildfire throughout BIM. The outpouring of love was immense and one couldn’t expect any less of a response, for the golden child of interior design in Barbados. To own an interior design company (Yasmine Parris Interiors) and a swimwear brand (Lotus Swim) in your early 20’s is no minor achievement. To add motherhood to that equation, adds another layer of complexity but Yasmine is equipped to handle whatever responsibilities these changes bring.

©Shane Leacock

Undoubtedly Yasmine’s son will grow up seeing his Mommy being a BOSS and there isn’t a more inspiring capacity, for a young Caribbean man to see his mother function in. "I want him to understand and know the importance of respecting women and break the conditioned mentality from young that they are inferior to men or cannot do what a man can. I want him to see that women can capably play many roles outside of being a mother or a wife so that he doesn’t grow up believing “she can’t because she’s a girl” or “ she shouldn’t be doing that because she’s a girl"

©Shane Leacock

Yasmine has expanded her entrepreneurial ventures from beyond the realms of interior design and swimwear designs. Her latest ‘design baby’ is digital design company called Lux Creative Studio. Lux focuses on web design, brand strategy, brand outlines and social media makeovers for corporate entities.

"Lux is co-founded between myself and Mutamuliza. I found myself assisting many clients with their branding and marketing which allowed me to tap back into brand strategy and web design; backed with 5 years experience in design, admin and marketing with other companies beyond my own I am able to bring a strategy to structure with design."

It’s not difficult for Yasmine to seamlessly engage in different facets of creativity for two main reasons, the first being her taste level. Her engaging brown eyes, view the world in a unique way and her natural ability to know when something looks good is simply astounding. Secondly, Yasmine is a woman whose work ethics are derived from her strong family values.

She was always artistically determined, but now with a son on the way, ‘Yas’ understands that her entrepreneurship has to evolve and her revenue streams have to widen. "Honestly becoming a mother only made me more determined to be successful and set myself up to be financially stable and comfortable so that not only can I still pursue my dreams and goals but be able to provide for him and his dreams and goals"

The pandemic has been devastating to the Bajan economy and it has definitely shown how volatile ‘tourist dependent’ nations are. Barbados needs more assertive, creative entrepreneurs who will fearlessly innovate in the face of adversity and Yasmine Parris is indeed one such individual. She extols her co-founder as a woman of a similar caliber.

"Starting off as an international model, Muta has been in the marketing and branding community for quite some time making her well versed in bringing a brand to life and selling a product/service. Together we believe in curating a strong visual story that is purposeful, gives value, and will position you to be seen through strategy, heard through authenticity, and remembered through creativity while bringing a certain level of professionalism "

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